Notes to Self

From Donald Trumps presidency, to repealing Obamacare, to fake news and alternative facts, to building a wall to cast out illegal immigrants from Mexico and other refugees that threat the super power nation, I am disturbed and aghast at how these steps take not only America, but the world, a huge step backward within a week as Trump assumed position. One does not need to be American, nor Christian, nor from any other religion or race, to be shaken by these issues that threaten the core morals and values of humanity. These acts are all fueled by fear. Yoda’s words ring true more than ever today when he said “fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.” 

Will we wait until there’s more suffering in the world? Can we be a little bit kinder? Can we love a little more? Can we learn to love the darkness and light in us? Can you love yourself? Can you learn to connect with yourself and with others in a loving way? Can you let fear and hatred stop getting in the way?  Can you start right now, where you are? 


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