A Short Guide to Self-inflicted Suffering

How to Let Go of Things We Cling To: 

Why We Need to Let Go of Things We Cling To:


A Short Guide to Self-inflicted Suffering:

When letting go is seemingly an impossible feat, it is easiest to release the clench of your fist when something is held on too tightly. Clasp that dear thing so tightly in the palm of your hand and make known your power and command over it until:


1. It is displaced and dispatched into the air.


2. It slips away from the hinges of your sweaty fingers.


3. It snaps. And/or dies.


4. Your palms begin to bleed.



5 thoughts on “A Short Guide to Self-inflicted Suffering

  1. It is too difficult to let go of certain things in life but it is equally necessary. The burden of past does not let us move forward and life becomes a stagnant, disappointing journey if we do not try to move forward.

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