If I Cannot Write a Poem for You

If I cannot write a poem for you, my love
Forgive my barren mind and do not be offended

Forgive my distracted mind
All I could think about is being with you,
Holding your hand and watching you smile and laugh
Your hearty laugh keeps ringing like music in my ears
Imagining your voice washes away the cacophonies around
I long for your touch and presence
And as I yearn for that moment,
All I could do is smile in solitude,
Engrossing myself in dreams of you and me…
I shall never tire of feeling this glimpse of heaven
Though a fruitless pass time this may be

If I cannot write a poem for you, my love
Forgive me because I want it to be perfect
I have erased and crossed out verses and lines,
Ripped tons of pages from this notebook
All this in attempt to express my love for you

Forgive me if I choose not to compare you to a summer’s day
Or that to a blooming flower where the honeybee sucks
I cannot write about the engulfing stars that shimmer in the night sky
Nor can I write about the shining crescent moon floating among it
No, I could not compare you to it
It would be too banal and trite
It would be foolish of me to write another poem
Of starry nights and inconstant moons
And of summer and fragrant flowers
They have been too common even long before Shakespeare’s sonnets
And you, my love, are not common at all
Nor is my love for you

If I cannot write a poem for you, my love
Forgive me if no words are coming out of my head
There is nothing that I could compare you with
For your rarity and exquisiteness is unrivaled
That your name should become a new word
To define what you are to me


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