Rekindling Child-like Wonder

       It was a national holiday last Monday so I decided to do a make-up/photoshoot session at UP Acad Oval with my friend, Trisha. Unfortunately, the rain poured heavily in the afternoon and the general ambiance was dark and gloomy. We decided to relocate inside the ladies room where we were provided with incandescent lighting and a bit of peering sunlight from the window. It wasn’t so bad. 

        The rain settled down and sunlight gradually spread through the atmosphere. One could smell the wet grass and the newly sizzled soil from the rain. We decided to walk through the oval and take some photos there, hoping to catch whats left of the afternoon light. While walking through the damp sidewalks, we saw a group of street kids who seemed to have had a lot of fun with the sudden downpour. Despite looking all scruffy and wet, it was such refreshing sight to see these kids with their post-rain delight, I could not help but take a photo of them.



As they saw me lift the camera to my right eye, they smiled and posed.

      After having walked right passed them,  this boy called out to me from behind and exclaimed, “Ate, papicture rin ako!” (Miss, please take a picture of me too!) I happily indulged at his innocent request.


And then, a little boy came hurrying towards us and yelled, “Ako rin!!”  (“Me too!”)


“Thanks, Ate!”, the older boy told me before they ran to catch up with their friends.

        Delighted with the random childhood moments I caught, I wondered why anyone would chase me for a photo, thank me and even find joy in having a stranger take photos of them. Maybe because they weren’t photographed by their parents as much as other privileged kids were. Maybe no one really took notice of them. Or maybe they were just fascinated with the unusual circumstance. Maybe like most of us, they just want to be seen and remembered. I don’t know. Perhaps they were simply being kids having fun, playing with rain, driven with wonder, walking freely with their buddies and not caring what the world thinks.

       If anything, it was them who did me a favor. I haven’t been playing in the rain as much as I should. Its about time. 🙂 

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