Bringing a Part of Home to Those Away.

Just finished a concert of sacred music together with 2 other amazing choirs, one from Sweden and another one from Italy. After our spot, and after having exited, the audience asked for more. “Bis! Bis!”, the Italians yelled. The chairs were being taken out when the staff were immediately instructed to put them back. We went back towards the front of the altar, towards our designated chairs and sir Mark went in front once again to cue our bow. As we sat down, sir Mark, still standing, addressed the audience, “Cantiamo Magnificat in Filipino” (We will sing Magnificat in Filipino).

As we started singing “Ang Puso Ko’y Nagpupuri”, which was arranged by Paulo K Tiról, I suddenly noticed that there were actually Filipinos in the audience, standing at the sides of the church. They wore such huge smiles filled with pride and a lady even started to sing along with us. This sight really made my day. It feels really good to bring a part of home to Filipinos far away.

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