Wrapping Up 2013

After skimming through my facebook newsfeed on the eve of the 31st of December, I’ve managed to conclude the 2013 highlights of a number of people from my circle of acquaintances and friends. These highlights somehow define my age and generation and this supposedly phase of my life (middle of midlife).

Here are some of them:

Found someone

Got Engaged

Got married

Had babies

Got a new job

Got promoted

Started a business

Moved and migrated elsewhere

Travelled the world

Ive only managed to put a check on the last one. Add: sang loads of songs and met lots of awesome people while was at it! I’d like to think that though there may be only one check on that list, the amount of experience, learning and adventure I had traveling with the Madz largely largely compensates for the things I may be missing out on in my mid-mid-life. I still do get bouts of quarter life blues every now and then but when I think about it and count all the blessings I’ve had this year, I really couldn’t ask for more.

Surprisingly, as opposed to other New Year’s statuses over the past years, more friends have been candid about how 2013 wasn’t their year and how this year was filled with failures, heartbreaks, frustrations  and losses. Perhaps this is so because this is the phase when we are exploring and trying different things; discovering more about ourselves and continuing to improve our skills and potentials.  This is the phase of our lives when our spectrum of experiences and emotions start to boost exponentially to broader and wider ranges. I’ve had my fair share of failures and frustrations and self-doubt this year, too. But I don’t think anyone is an exception to that. I don’t want to dwell and focus on that too much though. I would rather think about what I have been blessed with the past year.

I am thankful that my family is complete and in tact and though my parents have illnesses that come with age, I am thankful that they are managing well and very much alive and spirited. I am thankful for my brothers who may be a pain in the ass at times, but I love and care for them dearly. I thankful that God has provided for everything we need and even more. I am grateful for my set of friends from high school  to college and of course, I am very grateful for my 2nd family, the Philippine Madrigal Singers (Madz). Recently, I was looking at my old CD collection and stumbled upon 2 CDs of the Madz. Back in high school, I never even dreamed I could be a part of the group since it seemed so impossible then. Now here I am… and its been all surreal.

For 2014, I think I will  give up on the mindset that this could be MY year, as everyone hopes for themselves. I don’t even want to make a list of the things I should do, should change and should achieve. This year, I’ll let loose and go with the flow. I do however want to acquire better habits that will make me into a better person. I want to continue to slowly but surely evolve  into the person I want to be, and enjoy life while at it.

As reported in CNN.com, the most hashtagged word in instagram for the year is #LOVE. ❤ Next comes #friends and #family. I do hope it would be carried on to the new year. If you look at life at a wider perspective, those basically are the things that really matter.

For 2014, let LOVE be our defining word. Let love lead the year for us. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

With love,


Here is a video of one of our many travels for the year – New York City! We covered the song of Sara Bareilles’ “Manhattan”. This experience was definitely one of my highlights for the year 2013. 🙂


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