A Different Perspective

A different perspective.

Earthrise: A photo taken by astronaut William Anders during the Apollo 8 mission in 1968.

Last week, I was browsing through the net and I stumbled upon this powerful photo. I was depressed that time, thinking too much of my future, what I haven’t achieved, my weaknesses,  frustrations and what more I could achieve and whether I could ever achieve the plans I’ve made for myself. I was full of doubt and worry. But when I saw this photo, it made me reevaluate life at a different level.

It made me think of life in general…and how amazing that we live in this relatively tiny planet floating in the perpetual blackness of space. And inside it are billions of worlds and somewhere there, I am among those worlds.

Its kind of comforting to think that our worries are but somewhat petty through a macro perspective. Just the thought that life evolved in this microscopic DOT inside the Milky Way, which happens to be  also another dot among billions of galaxies in outer space is just beyond me. Maybe our mission in life is to see the beauty of life itself, make the best of it , savor and devour it the best way we can, and help others feel and see the greatness of the life that there is. It probably doesnt matter and probably wont make difference to the universe if we’re alive in this planet or not. But isn’t it just awesome that we are and we have been given the consciousness and senses to know how it is to be human with all its beautiful complexities. I’m just  filled with insurmountable awe and wonder by the greatness of the Creator.


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