Because I’m just sitting-in in a creative writing class of a friend who is taking it, I don’t really pass the requirements to the teacher or have it anyone read it aloud in class. I thought it would be fun though to put this in my blog. We were required to list down things from some categories in “The Pillow Book”. Heres what I chose.

Things that make your heart lurch with anxiety:

Minutes before a performance, when youre about to go onstage, you review your notes/lines in your mind and then you suddenly have a memory lapse on a specific part.

When you’re calmly trying to find your phone in your handbag and you realize, its not there. Only to find out later that its hidden beneath all the cluttered things inside your bag.

The thought of piano recitals.

When away from home, you get the feeling that you forgot to plug the iron out and you picture your house burning.

Remembering embarrassing moments and then trying to forget them the minute you remember them.

Things that look fresh and pure:

UP freshmen on the morning of the first day enrollment. And only the first day.

A newly born infant wrapped in a blue or pink blanket and its mother carries it in her arms for the very first time.

The sight of white dandelion wish seeds blown by the soft whirl of the wind and floating above the sparkling grass and petite colorful flowers.

Sparkling river water reflecting the sun”s rays.

An apple tree in the middle of a field.

A transparent block of ice melting.

A kid who has just taken a bath.

A baby giggling.


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