The Importance of “What If”

Yesterday in our writing class, our teacher made us complete the phrase, “What if…”. It actually challenged our creativity to come and think of the most impossible, ridiculous, entertaining,crazy,mind boggling, out of this world situations. Some of the answers of my classmates were pretty interesting. It would actually be very entertaining to expand those ideas and turn them into a story.

“What if the building we were in suddenly comes alive and it starts to walk while we are all in it?”

“What if our nose were located on our foreheard, our eyes above our chin and our mouth at the center of our face?’ – LOL. I wonder how we would judge beauty if that happened…

“What if our lives – everything we believed to be true – were just a dream?” – this ones similar to the movie, Inception! That film was just genius!

“What if we could choose when and how we could die?” – Wow… how would that work for us, I wonder… How will that affect the way we choose to live our lives?

“What if we had the ability to relocate our fats into different parts of the body?” – then all women would have big breasts… LOL!

My What If was “What if humans evolve into asexual beings and we could actually procreate on our own?”

Our teacher answered, “what? Then life would be boring!”

I suppose so…

But no…

When I thought about it further, I wondered, would there still be such a thing as love? Would there still be sexual attraction? Will sex exist? Maybe the possibility of evolving into self-reproducing beings may not be far-fetched because maybe in the future, everyone will become gays, lesbians and transexuals and it would be impossible to reproduce with partners of the same sex. The need for reproduction will eventually arise and human bodies will evolve into self-reproducing beings. And when that time comes, sex will just be a form of diversion and entertainment. What if?!

Hahaha okay I’m just jotting down impossibilities that come to mind. Its fun to think of impossibilities, it keeps me sane in my mundane reality.

I realized, all great creations and discoveries – whether in art,science, philosophy, engineering, music or whatever branch of knowledge there is, start from those two simple words.

What if we lived in a world that did not know how to ask, “what if?”?




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