So Many People on Earth…

There are so many people in the world.

The thought suddenly overwhelmed me. Imagine, the person beside you in a train, or person you pass by in school, the barista in starbucks, or the vendor in Quiapo, they all have their own truths, experiences and worlds they live in, and you are just like them, one of the billions roaming around the soil of Earth. Its an overwhelming realization actually when it sinks in.


The swarm of people at Oktoberfest. And I am just one of those asian tourists taking photos. Taken at Munich, Germany (October 2012)

If God were a ultrasupermegagiant Being ruling the Universe, under His ultrasupermegagiant microscope, we would probably look like live bacteria moving,spreading and inhabiting this tiny young planet.

HELLO GOD!!! CAN YOU SEE AND HEAR ME???!!?!?!? Some bacterias are hard to deal with here, I was wondering if you could help me out!!! Maybe you can do a little exhale and blow them off away from me! I’m situated a little above the equator ,14° 35′ N, 121º 00 E, to be exact!! Im just here, wont go anywhere! THANKS!

From bacteria 72638102 from coordinates 39402.234, 532453.6.

Hahaha. Good thing God’s better than that.

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