On Drifting Apart

I read in a blog somewhere that growing distant from God is not something we decide when we wake up one day.One day,you may find yourself being a devout follower of your religion and then as time passes, you find yourself questioning, but still attending services. Then as days, weeks, months or years continue to roll on, you still question but give up attending services or anything related to your religion in order to seek answers. The time will come when you’re too busy to even realize you don’t care anymore. You have drifted apart without even knowing it. The time when it doesn’t matter.That is the day you thought would never happen during your devout im-ever-so-faithful days – you become an agnostic or an atheist or whatever, you probably wouldn’t care at this point. You realize, “Hey, so this is how it is to be one. Its not so bad afterall. I used to think atheists and agnostics were bad people. People who did not see the ‘light’. People who thought of themselves too intelligent for the concept of religion with nonsensical and childish traditions and rituals. People too smart for God.”

The day realize you are one, those people whom you thought were once “bad, sinful, evil, ungrateful, not-saved”, aren’t “bad, sinful, evil, ungrateful, not-saved”  after all. They have just been misunderstood by fundamentalists and self righteous, hard core ostracizing and discriminating religions that preach about love, understanding and compassion.The great irony of that becomes clear and also reinforces your newfound philosophy. Then when you come to know others with same perspectives, you come to terms with it and think, its not so bad. In fact, its not bad at all. I have my morals and I’m not hurting anyone. Why should there be a god in order to have and understand compassion and love and goodness? Why should you do good because you’re afraid of a god who might send you to burn in hell? You want to do good not because you’re scared, you want to do good because its right. You still respect other beliefs and religions. Its perfectly normal to have different beliefs. One just has to learn how to live in harmony with others amidst the diversity. Thats how life should be. Right?


Most people don’t grow out of relationships because they actively decided to one day. They grow out of it because without even knowing, they give it less and less attention as time passes. Circumstances like work, projects, school, performances, busy schedules happen. And when you meet again with someone you knew so well, if you meet and want to meet again, you’re face to face with a complete stranger you could’nt care less about. Thats what happens with friendship. Or with lovers. With family. And even with God – if you ever believed. One day, one finds oneself so distant from the people you used to care about, and realize, its ok. You’ve learned to live without them before you know it. Memories do not hold firm grip on you the way they once had. They would be just like skimming through pages of a boring text book you would only read once and forget about without even trying. And it makes you neither happy nor sad. Hey, its neither right nor wrong and its no ones fault. It just is. Thats life.. Right?


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