On Adapting our Attitude

Its always been emphasized throughout my student life as a pianist that if you have great difficulty in getting the proper tones, phrasing, articulations in particular passages, you must be doing something wrong. There is definitely something wrong with your technique because it exists to make the music less difficult for you to play, not the other way around. So, in order for one to play the music correctly with comfort and ease, one must change the attack, the fingering, the forearm/wrist weight or whatever the problem is and practice the passages the right way.

While thinking about this, I also wondered if this also applies to life in general. If youre not comfortable in a particular situation, maybe youre also doing something wrong. In social situations, our objective is to interact, create and of course, have fun and be merry and make babies. LOL. Kidding aside, the only way to achieve that is if one feels comfortable and in good terms with the people around,otherwise, it will be difficult – much like difficult musical passages. What needs to change sometimes is attitude and character. Different attitudes are required in different situations. Same as you cant always use the same technique in all your pieces, right?

Thats why I do not believe that those who say “this is who I am, I will not change just because…. Blah blah blah” belong to the group of happiest people. They belong to the category of the most miserable. They all have one particular attribute in common – pride. And maybe selfishness also. Imagine the price one pays just because of that. Broken relationships, broken families, heartache, lost opportunities and dreams and so much more.

There is always a right attitude called for in every particular situation. And each situation will never be ideal. There will always be that nosy irritating seatmate, the bossy co worker, the know it all nerd, the merciless teacher, the cheaters, the popular, the powerful. To survive and stay happy in this world, one must always, always to get along with others, without compromising ones values, of course. As Charles Darwin once said, those who easily adapt to the ever changing environment are the ones most likely to survive.

This is an essential lesson I learn over and over again.

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